Title: Applause Machine Donations Box.

Year: 2001

Description: A coin activated mechanical ovation that raises revenue for the gallery.

Size: 2000mm x 500mm x 500mm

Materials: Brass, sycamore, lime wood, glass, photographic transparencies, motor and custom electronics.

Site: The Harley Gallery, Welbeck Estate, Worksop, UK.

During 2001, with funding received from the Charitable Aid Foundation and The Coalfield Regeneration Trust, The Harley Gallery managed a community project that resulted in a permanent piece of artwork for the gallery entrance. Martin Smith led the project, which aimed to celebrate creativity and develop relationships between the gallery and its local visitors.

Taking the form of six workshops, local college students, special needs groups and school pupils were invited to the gallery where they made miniature automata based on the theme of celebration. During the workshops Martin documented the hands of the participants, which he later used to inform his work for the gallery entrance. The resulting piece is titled "The Applause Machine", a tall cabinet containing wooden hands. When a coin is inserted the hands applaud the individual and symbolically celebrate the creativity of those involved in the project. Lisa Gee, Harley Gallery Director comments, "This was a unique project, made possible with the grant we received. The 'Applause Machine' will celebrate our community and hopefully encourage more local people to visit the gallery".

Susan Sherrit, The Harley Gallery.


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