Title: Bird Song with a Found Feather

Year: 2014

Dimensions: Height 220cm x Width 45cm x Depth 45cm.

Materials: Steel, brass, rubber, motor, custom electrics and a found feather.

Power: 12v motor and mains plug.

Edition: Unique

Floor standing.

Images: John Coombes

A time activated kinetic sculpture taking the form of a tree and creating the sound of a singing bird. The concept came for the notion of waking up to the wonderful sound of birdsong. Rather than a caged living bird, an elaborate mechanically operated sliding whistle has been devised that can be set and activated when required. “I wanted a piece that could be set, as with an alarm clock, and would allow you start the day gently. I am interested in producing mechanical bird sounds and seeing the cause and effect through a mechanism. For me the making is very important and I wanted to craft every part of the machine, to understand how the bellows are constructed and operate and to get the bird whistle sounding just right.”

- Martin Smith, 2013

Copyright © Martin Smith 2014, all rights reserved.