Title: The Cache Machine

Description: The Cache Machine is a kinetic sculpture that adds rhythm and irony to the tradition of hiding coins in a safe place. Taking its form language from the industrial heritage of the North of England and obsolete scientific apparatus, the machine comes to life when a coin is inserted. The coin travels along a mechanically generated transverse wave that is activated by a poetic system of cams and levers. Upon reaching the end the coin is deposited, with a satisfying clang, into an eagerly awaiting collection vessel.

H 68 / L 97 / W 47 (cm)
H 27 / L 38 / W 18.5 (inches)

Materials: Steel, Aluminium, Brass, custom electrics and motor (12 volts with plug in adapter)

Year: 2016

Limited edition of 6 pieces + 2 A.P. + 1 Prototype



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