Title: 'Hoo-ray and up she rises'

Year: 2012

Description: A miniature toy theatre stood atop extended pier legs comes to life to the famous sound of the sea shanty, this working rhythm in pace with the mechanical waves that slide gently back and forth, lit by a glowing moon.

Size: H: 180cm x L: 55cm x W: 55cm

Materials: Patinated steel, motor, timer and sound device.

'Hoo-ray and up she rises' was commissioned by Opera North as a kinetic 'Singing Shop' window for Overworlds & Underworlds, a 2012 Cultural Olympiad project.

OverWorlds & UnderWorlds took place in Leeds, 18-20 May, 2012 with dance, film, music and installations flooding the city.

The Artistic Directors of the project were the artists and filmmakers The Quay Brothers.


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