Title: Tempest Tricycle.

Year: 2012

Commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company in collaboration with Freedom Studios.

Description: Working with Freedom Studios The Royal Shakespeare Company asked us to create an art work designed to bring more young people into their new building.

We wanted to create something that was accessible, engaging and stunning. The idea of making a souped-up ice cream tricycle emerged. It would move around outside the building, attract attention and be the start of a Quest that encouraged children to come in and explore. The Tempest and its magical themes provided a natural framework for the Quest, which is to help Prospero escape from the island. He has enlisted the help of Trinculo and his amazing trike to recruit volunteers and to give them a map, some clues and a bottle of sun-boosting potion.

Monsieur Cabinet illustrated the beautiful map and hand painted the livery for the trike.

So now, when you see a magical tricycle weaving its way through the picnickers at Stratford this summer, you’ll know where it came from…




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